Hello Friends !


It’s been a year i’ve launched this website.

As a newly dad and with the current world context, I didn’t have time to post 


As live music act for a living is actually dead,

I decided to get involved deeply into music production.

I’ve got the opportunity to produce a 14 tracks, music library aimed, album on 

parisian editor PARIGO MUSIC.(Thanks to my mate Ugly Mac Beer for the connection!)

It should be available digitally in the next few months.

Anyone for the vinyl version ? 

In parallel, i produced a new mixtape project for the Finnish record label TIMMION.

A 2x30mn mix featuring my favorites crushes from the label catalog.

The Cassette will be available on march 1st !

Stay strong for what’s coming up.

Try to turn anger into courage and fear into prudence.  


Respectfully with love,

Aeon Seven, February 2021.

Welcome friends !

Here’s my brand new website where you can find everything about me.

There are many more to come this year, so stay tuned… 


Aeon Seven, March 2020.